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Nomadic Management is on a mission to unite all people across the world in order for them to have access and opportunity to see our beautiful public lands. They’re doing this by cleaning up trash from these spaces, which will help keep you safe as well. Your donation helps make it happen, so donate today if only because we want nothing more than your safety guaranteed along with ours.

Nomadic Management’s goal is to not only clean up trash from public areas but also prevent waste being produced in the first place. They do this through their many programs which include waste reduction, management and more.



This app is important for many reasons, but especially because it addresses the growing problem of litter in our state. Litter not only looks bad, but it can also harm wildlife, pollute our waterways, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year to clean up.

Pinthetrash is one way we can all help to keep Arizona clean. So download the app today and start making a difference!

This free mobile app is dedicated to cleaning up our public lands, and it allows users to GPS pinpoint trash on the landscape and take photos of trashed areas. Pinthetrash also offers educational information on waste management and reduction, making it a valuable resource for everyone.


Nomadic Management's Goal

To maintain the public lands, run cleanup patrols, and
periodically place dumpsters in areas for trash disposal.

BeliefsOur Mission

A future where people and nature flourish together, meeting the challenges of a rapidly growing dilemma.To maintain the public lands, run cleanup patrols, and periodically place dumpsters in areas for trash disposal and To leave sustainable lands for future generations.
PinTheTrash Together.

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You can donate to Nomadic Management today. Every little bit helps them to continue their mission of cleaning up trash from public areas.
The donation you make goes towards covering the costs of renting equipment and hiring staff to dispose of all trash collected in a year from their events. Plus, most donations are tax deduct-able so if there's any left over at the end it'll get put back into making sure nature stays pristine for everyone everywhere.

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Plastic Place

Meet One Of Our Sponsor

Plastic Place is providing us plastics bags to collect the trash from public lands

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Meet One Of Our Sponsor

Albertsons Food Store Providing us Water & Drinks for our volunteers



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Lake havasu

Meet One Of Our Sponsor

Home Depot Lake Havasu provided us gloves for our volunteers.


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