Make a difference by donating in an effort to keep our Arizona public lands clean





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Thanks to our sponsor PLASTICPLACE for provided us with bags

Check out our interactive map

Locate and pin the trash you find on our interactive #pinthetrash map

Check out our interactive map

Locate and pin the trash you find on our interactive #pinthetrash map

Clean area of debris

Our initial surge will be to clean these areas of all debris. Its our hopes to put dumpsters out in strategic locations to help prevent the surge in camping areas being trashed.

Relocate debris to recycling centers

After debris is picked up and organized we relocate all metal debris to verifiable recycling centers and all trash to disposal centers.

Encourage cleanup

Our wish is to clean these areas and hopefully others, in a way that would encourage visitors to these lands to dispose of their trash in an appropriate way.

Maintain Lands

Maintaining the public lands is key when focusing on keeping them accessible to everyone for future generations.

Guiding Principals

To fulfill our mission as Nomadic Management we follow guiding principals that are meant to lead us down a road of accomplishment and success.

our dream

A future where people and nature flourish together, meeting the challenges of a rapidly growing dilemma.

our vision

To leave sustainable lands for future generations.
PinTheTrash Together.

our mission

To maintain the public lands of Arizona, run cleanup patrols,  and periodically place dumpsters in areas for trash disposal.

Areas We Clean

Nomadic Management focuses on cleaning the public lands in the whole state of Arizona. Some of the locations are shown on the map below.

What is Public Land?

Public land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and it is free to camp on for up to 14 days.

Who is responsible for maintaining public lands?

The Bureau of Land Management is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior responsible for administering federal lands.

What can you do on public land?

Other things you can do on public land include hunting (with a permit), hiking, off-highway driving, horseback riding, and swimming. In fact, most outdoor recreational activities are allowed on public land, with the stipulation that you leave the land the way you found it.

Can you live on public land?

No, you cannot live on public land. At least, not at the same campsite. However, you can keep moving from one location to another and remain on public land in general for an indefinite period.