If you’re new to boondocking you probably don’t know the “ins and outs” to parking. Finding solid parking locations while living in your vehicle can be rather tricky at times. There are many different factors to consider when seeking that perfect parking spot whether it’s just for one night or 2 weeks. Here are a few parking tips for boondocking that we would like to share with you.

Business establishment parking

Several businesses will allow people to park overnight in their parking lots, including Walmart, Cabela’s, Cracker Barrel, Camping World, Truck Stops, Casinos, and Home Depot. Not every store allows it though so it is recommended to call the store manager first to see if it is allowed. Keep in mind that as a token of their generosity you should perhaps consider spending some money at the business to show your appreciation.

Where not to park

If you’re new to boondocking then you may not know where not to park. It takes a bit of time and experience before you start to realize what places aren’t great to park in. If you’re parking out on public lands make sure that you don’t park in washes. They tend to flood from time to time and you could find yourself in an unpleasant situation if it just happened to flood while you were sleeping at 2am. Stay clear of locations that have high homeless populations or areas with high crime rates. Getting your vehicle broken into isn’t uncommon so be careful where you park.

Using the sun to your advantage

Before you park it’s best to take advantage of the sun. If you’re in colder climates you’ll want to park in areas where you have the most sunlight available to provide warmth. If you’re in warmer climates it may be a good idea to park in areas with the least sun. Always remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Using a tactical approach could have beneficial factors. If you’re a person that uses solar panels to provide power throughout your vehicle then you’ll certainly want to park accordingly.

Keep an eye out for no parking signs

You can prevent the late night police officer knock or avoid getting parking tickets by keeping a lookout for no parking signs. If you’re driving late and your tired and you just want to pull over in a residential area for sleep make sure you read the signs. Many street parking signs only allow parking during designated times. Parking tickets can be pricey unless you don’t mind paying $20-$100 for an overnight parking spot. It can be annoying having the police knock on your door at 2am and asking you to leave as well. It’s not fun driving around aimlessly at 2am trying to find a parking spot.

Analyze the noise factor

Some parking areas can get really noisy at times and if you’re a light sleeper you’ll want to analyze the area a bit prior to parking. Keep an eye out for trains, planes, and automobiles. A busy highway can get pretty loud. If you’re near an airport then you can expect planes flying over you ever hour or so. Trains can be extremely loud depending on how close you are. They’ll definitely wake you up multiple times throughout the night.

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As a non-profit organization, we are currently seeking Investors who also see the rising concern for unlawful dumping. Our mission and goals are the same as yours in keeping our environment clean from waste and harmless to plants, animals and people.

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