As more people flock to public lands we’re starting to see a large increase in the amount of trash left behind. Trash is either being illegally dumped or left behind from the campsites of boondockers and campers. Educating people on the proper ways to dispose of their trash is a great place to start when it comes to controlling the public lands trash dilemma.

According to Coconino National Forest officials, near Flagstaff, an increasing amount of trash is being dumped and left behind by visitors and recreators. Garbage has been reported throughout the national forest and along forest roads. Trash has even been seen directly in front of signs asking visitors to remove their own trash.

Unfortunately there usually aren’t trash removal services on public lands so it is up to the visitors to remove their own trash. Leaving trash behind not only endangers the health of wildlife and groundwater, it also forces volunteers and service employees to direct their work efforts away from other programs.

Not taking the time and effort to dispose of trash properly spoils the beauty and enjoyment of Arizona’s landscapes. In order to preserve our lands for future generations we need to take action and solve this trash dilemma before it affects our future campers, visitors, and boondockers.

“The State Land Department manages 9.2 million acres of Trust Land, about 13 percent of Arizona, and sadly too much of it is marred by illegal dumping by thoughtless people who don’t treasure it the way the rest of us do,” Arizona State Land Commissioner Atkins said.

One way that we are tackling this issue is by offering a free downloadable phone app that gives you the ability to locate and pin trash. The PinTheTrash App can be downloaded here. The Nomadic Management team has a purpose and a goal to end the public lands trash dilemma.


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