Before we get into it we should first establish what a nomad is. A nomad is an individual that moves around from place to place with no real “stationary home”. Some nomads travel on foot while others travel in vehicles. Other nomads stay in Airbnb’s or Hostels while using planes for their mode of transportation. There are a number of nomads that have a “home base” where they can go back to and that usually consists of a friend or family members house.

Why does one choose to live nomadic?

There are a number of ways to answer this question since nomads enter the nomadic lifestyle for many different reasons.


This is one of the obvious answers to the question. Having the freedom to go wherever and whenever you want is a very satisfying feeling. Being chained down to one specific location, working the same job, and paying ridiculous prices for rent or a mortgage can really restrict a person. It may not bother certain people as much because some like stability and security but for freedom-seekers this is one of the main reasons for stepping into the nomadic world.

To Save Money

A person can save a lot of money without having to pay rent, mortgages, utility bills, car bills, or whatever other bills that are associated with the non-nomadic lifestyle. For example lets say you live nomadically in a car. The only bills you would have are car insurance, gas, food, and your phone bill. Now this is living pretty minimal though. If you work a fulltime remote job then just think of the amount of money you would be able to save.

Forced Into It

Lets face it, some people are forced into the nomad lifestyle. Sometimes life gets hard and things change dramatically which can force a person into living nomadic. It’s unfortunate that some people are put into a situation like this but they just aren’t given any other options.


Some of us venture out on this nomadic journey to fulfill a healing process. A person can go through some rough times in life and it can get to a point where you just need to get away. Spending time by yourself can be a great way to create a better version of yourself. Being around people all the time can take the focus away but having that time to start new hobbies, exercise, explore, reflect, read, learn, and just focus on oneself can really make a huge difference on self-improvement.


Many philosophers point out that the meaning of life is happiness and I agree with this statement. What is the point of living an unhappy life? There is a difference between living and existing. I have talked to lots of nomads over the years and I have found that 95% of them are living a happier, fulfilling life now that they chose to live nomadic. You only live once so make the best of it.

Social Media

Social media has obviously glamourized nomad life and I’m sure it has influenced a number of people to jump into the lifestyle. Terms like vanlife, buslife, skoolielife, and nomadlife have really caught attention over a number of different social media platforms.

The advantages of living nomadic

Living as a nomad can be very gratifying. The advantages can be different depending on who you are talking to but here are a few to start off with:

  • Less bills
  • More freedom
  • Self-Improvement
  • Exploration
  • Travel
  • Meeting new people
  • Everyday is different
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Escaping the 9-5
  • Builds character
  • Unforgettable experiences

The disadvantages of living nomadic

Living nomadic isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It can get stressful at times and negative experiences can happen. I’m not going to get into the fine details so here are a few disadvantages:

  • Loneliness
  • Vehicle break-downs
  • Vehicle break-ins
  • Running out of money
  • No stable job
  • Constantly stocking up on supplies
  • No showers
  • No toilet
  • No internet
  • Uncertainty
  • Missing friends/family
  • Getting mail

Characteristics of a nomadic lifestyle

  • Living nomadic is more important than anything else such as a career, a relationship, or assets. Most nomads that get hooked into the lifestyle consider the lifestyle as top priority meaning that a nomad will avoid any attachment that forces him or her to be tied down to a specific location. This may not be accurate for all nomads but most of them will agree that living nomadic and staying nomadic is top priority.
  • Most nomads grow to become interesting, easy going, smart, open minded, and free-spirited human beings. Nomads meet lots of people which exposes them to different lifestyles, cultures, and changing situations. The teacher in this situation is the constant process of change and it can really change a person.
  • Nomads tend to travel at a slower pace to create emotional stability. Many of us tend to follow the weather meaning that we stay in specific locations for weeks or months at a time. Staying at locations for longer periods of time helps establish routines and create meaningful relationships.
  • Nomads generally adjust pretty quick to situations and are fast-thinkers. The constant change of locations and situations makes you rely more on intuition and quick decision making.
  • Traveling light is the way of the nomad. Most nomads are minimalists meaning that experiences take precedence over material items. Life is short and I truly believe that life experiences are the most important aspect of living a fulfilling life.
  • Living life as a nomad, you start to realize that everything is temporary and nothing is yours so nomads don’t usually take life seriously.
  • Most nomads are curious, happy, and pretty respectful for the most part. Nomads have to be happy and positive in order to rebuild their social circle since they’re always on the move meeting new people. Nomads tend to spend a fair share of their time by themselves as well so in order to build up new relationships one must be in a positive mindset.

What are your thoughts on living nomadic?

There are thousands of nomads out there and we all have different experiences. What is it like for you living nomadic? Feel free to use the comment section below and tell us a little bit about what it means to be nomadic.

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